Monday, November 26, 2007

The new beginning....women in sports ala Malaysia

We have Nicol in Squash and now Mew Choo is making a havoc in the China dominated world womens badminton. During the 90's the Ladies event is always boring in the Malaysian context.
Now it seems, we have some hope for the Olympic's medal finally. Having beaten most of the higher ranking players from China over the year finally she took the China Open. Non would have think its possible to win the Ladies singles event, in China.
I can say most Malaysian would feel very proud.
Congrats Mew Choo!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hilltop Villas

Pearl of The Island, we used to call Penang. Small island located to the North West of Peninsular Malaysia. Properties on the island used to be snapped up by investors from Japan. A decade down the road after the Financial Crack Down ‘97, prices of properties on the island have shot up more than doubled. CASH rich investors from around the globe, especially MiddleEastern CASHBUMS, Chinese Corrupted Tycoons, HongKong Celebrities, the ever Gloletrotting Indians and the forever KIASU Singaporeans are snapping up SuperCondos and Bungalows newly launched by the local property developers.
My personal favorite so far is the HILLTOP VILLAS by the Asia Green Group.
This particular unit I posted cost RM3.5Million fully furnished. Lower ground garage, high ceilling living room, superb view of the sea from the top of the hill and outdoor family dining are

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Penang Blackout

Almost the whole of Penang, were on a blackout for almost 30mins. Whats wrong TNB? How could this be happening at a time like this, where the GE is just around the corner. I hope nothing big happened.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

8 months Queue

Who can wait for such a long time. Went to check out the new Merc C-Class. Only the Elegence model is available under the local assembly line. The darn part about it is the waiting list is as long as 8 months. According to the Salesman at LOWE MOTORS, Penang. Damn I bought my E-Class last year during the Raya Promo waited for only 2 weeks.