Wednesday, June 18, 2008

100days as Penang CM.

PENANG: The price of being chief executive of the state is having no time for oneself. This is the experience of DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng since assuming the post of Chief Minister of Penang. For Lim, the job as he describes it is 24/7.
In jest, Lim said the biggest change was that now it was easier for him to call for a press conference. His media events are now well attended by all mainstream media compared to before the March 8 general election.
“As for myself, since March 8, I have stopped my drinking. I was never much of a heavy drinker, used to do it socially, but now I have stopped it completely. First of all it makes me tired and when you drink, the next morning it will be on your breath. I deal with many civil servants, even women, and I do not want them to get offended. It is not very pleasant,” he said. “So now, I make very dull and boring company.
“I do not even have time for football or golf now,” Lim said.
Even his family does not get to see much of him, Lim said. Although his wife and four children are in Penang, he hardly sees them as they are in bed when he leaves for the office and they are back in bed when he returns home.

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