Thursday, April 23, 2009

PM Najib and Tun Mahathir ERA


What's so wrong with having Mahathirism in current Administration. Malaysia had been under Tun's administration for more than 20years. Tell me, Malaysia did not developed. Tell me, the Americans still think of Malaysian's as people who live on trees. Tell me, we did not have KLCC Tower. Tell me, we did not have Penang Bridge. Tell me, we did not host The Commonwealth Games.

To me, a good Govt is the Govt that can bring growth and advancement to the country. No matter how he does it. As long as, we the public do not see it. It's still fine with me.

Our new PM Dato Seri Najib, is willing to change for the betterment of the people. As shown lately, in some of the changes of policies. Like the abolishment of the 30% Bumiputera quota to attract more FDIs. Hope for more to come.

He is stern and direct in his decisions and is not afraid to CHANGE. Dare to meet the enemy in the eye and suppress it. This shows charisma and leadership. That's what is needed to be a good leader. I am not an expert to judge but I can express what I personally think of Dato Seri.

I had always thought that he is the better choice than any other candidate.

I know I am going against the tide here, but what tide are we in. Can the opposition with in-experienced and no resources do any better. They may have the voice but are they capable of running the whole country. Are they well equip to run the country. 1 cant run a whole nation without a team of experienced subordinates. 1 cant shake the hand of 22 million people.

Penang once Pearl of The Orient.

Now its CAT.

My own encounter with 1 new candidate, cant even get a Thaipusam pass for the resident who lives there. Went to the so called YB's office, didn't even come out from his office room to see me or even try to listen. What kind of people's representative we elected.

Go rakyat Malaysia. Go DATO SERI NAJIB.

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Anonymous said...

you got 'jalan' from Najib is it? sure support la.