Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Malaysia in Badminton

Wowwwww!!!!!!LEE CHONG WEI a local boy from Bukit Mertajam, Penang, has done it again. He was a very small chap thin not so tall when he was younger. Look at him now tall and as tricky with his shots as always. Glad to know our players are no longer "JUARA KAMPUNG".

As for our doubles, KOO/TAN they seem to lose what they are there for. They thought they have the opponents at their finger tips. Still as fast and sharp but they tend to be very cautious with their shots now and dont seem to attack as much. At times playing too many tricky shots trying to fool the opponents. Those are signs of BIG HEADED.

Zakry/Tazari they seem out of place in the Indonesian Open Finals. Personally, I think they are lucky too have qualified to the finals even to beat some of the big names I still think they are LUCKY.

Anyways BRAVOOOO to Misbun and Rexy. I see Pang Cheh Chang was there too with Rexy in Indonesia Open.

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