Saturday, May 26, 2007


Malaysia where I am right now do not have any facility to withdraw FUNDS from Paypal. I'd read about how some Malaysians go about to get the FUNDS back into cold hard cash. It seems very troublesome. One of the way is to get a good friend in Singapore to open an account with Maybank. What we can do is to transfer the amount to paypal under your friend's name and ask him/her to transfer it via Maybank to your account back in Malaysia.

I mean, how many of us have friends in Singapore not to think whether they are trustworthy or not. Pheew.......

I am waiting for a friend of mine to come back from overseas. He's a GURU/SIFU in HYIP. I believe he's got a plan.

There's an article in the local newspaper today about Banks clearing cheques in half day rather than the 3 working days period. Local and outstation as well. That is a new development. I used to received US cheques and it takes 6 weeks to clear with high commission too.

I want to get this all right before I am ready to go deeply into blogging for money or monetize my blog. Some bloggers do make some crazy income from just blogging or rather internet marketing.

I have activated my GOOGLE ADSENSE account on my blog. Hope to see some result from it.

Cant wait for PAYPAL to allow us Malaysians to cash out from our own local banks$$$$.

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