Friday, June 1, 2007

Hot Head Drivers.

I was in a car driven by my friend this afternoon heading for lunch. As we were coming out from a junction, the traffic was heavy, my friend squeezed his way out of the junction and the on coming car were coming non-stop that time.

He was so furious at this particular car that did not give way for us to come out. He chased that car, which i can see the driver and may be his wife and a little kid, chasing in a crazy manner as we got close, boy, I tell you really close almost touch the back of the car. In the end, that driver was smart enough to avoid further confrontation, he droved into a bank, i can tell you, it is to avoid us.

I was so embarassed by his action that i took up my handphone pretending to shy my face away from nearby vehicles. It came as a surprise to me, i never expect him to react in such a manner.

Moral of the story is...........a person can be very polite and soft spoken when they talk but if we step on its tail wowwwwww. NEVER JUDGE A PERSON BY ITS COVER.