Saturday, June 30, 2007

Penang CM's post remains in Gerakan

Today in TheStar newspaper, for the first time our dear PM spoke out and I really respect him more after reading it.

Penang's Chief Minister's post will not fall into UMNO'S reign. Its an agreement or contract he has to maintain or fulfill to the people of Penang. Our local state goverment have been under Gerakan Party for some, dunno how many god damn years, but its still refreshing to hear that it will be maintained a Gerakan post.

I dunno why, but i just feel a bit more relief after reading it in the local news and much better the statement came from our PM himself.


Johnny Ong said...

this is just a wayang for the public to see that umno respect anor race, dont be duped

Felix The Cat said...

Ya....but we have to live with it. Sad..... huh

Anonymous said...

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