Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Adsense Team Fast Reply & Helpful

Very recently i wanted to change the color of the fonts and add more Adsense adds on my blog. I could not do it via blogger. It was due to an email that came the very first time from Adsense enquiring whether or not I continue to allow to manage my adsense account.

I denied access to allow and from then onwards I could not add or change any of my Adsense that was posted. I could not change the font colors nor place more Adsense.

I email the Adsense support team about my problem and can you believe it they replied within hours. Man, this is a company that handles millions of adsense accounts.

And the best part is, I found the way to reinstall or to allow to manage my Adsense account.

I just have to login to my Adssense account and from there I can click to allow blogger access to manage Adsense on my blog.

Darn me. Easy peasy settled.

Any of you guys out there have this problem? Please do let me know. I can guide you.

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