Monday, June 4, 2007

Employees Market

I have two post to fill in my office. We ran an ad for interviews today and tomorrow. More than 20 enquiries via phone. Can you imagine, these prospects actually interview me instead on the phone. Asking me "what do you do?, what is the working hour?, how much are you offering?".

I mean, they should come for the interview to know the company better rather than just asking me via the phone. Waited whole day, none turn up.

What have the market turned into?

Its called "The Employees Market"

They play the rule, they play the game.............heck some even have 3 jobs at one time.

Mr Trump said "You're FIRED!"


vhanded said...

Your writing is cool, i like it.

Felix The Cat said...

I write what i feel for the day. i dun bullshit. anyways thanks for dropping by.