Sunday, June 3, 2007

Massive traffic.....kings birthday....Daulat Tuanku

Yesterday was a very busy day on the road. Most of the time wasted waiting in long ques. It was a school holiday, weekend and a public holiday. All add together we get a massive traffic problem on the Penang Island.

My wifey and I were on our way to Queensbay Mall from Tanjung Bungah. Our fisrt encounter with heavy traffic was at Island Plaza junction. The next problem come as we arrived near Gurney Drive. Took us 20mins to get out of the traffic.

As we were approaching Queensbay, lots and lots of cars coming from the Penang Bridge heading towards the Airport direction. I told my wife "Not againnnnnn!!!!" but we were lucky to get a parking space as soon as we arrived.

Mannn.....after all the car traffic problem. Now we got a human traffic problem. I just could not believe it. The crowd is just crazy.

After 3 hours of shopping, we are on our journey back, traffic was so smooth as it was already dinner time. Traffic on the opposite direction heading toward town along Mount Erskine was bad. So, we decided to head for Batu Feringhi for dinner. Traffic again was smooth. Not till when we call it a day, the cars heading towards Batu Feringhi is just crazy.

We were just lucky to be on the opposite flow of the massive jam. People head to town for dinner, we head to Batu Feringhi, as we left Batu Feringhi on our way home the traffic is heading towards Batu Feringhi.


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