Saturday, June 16, 2007

New office environment

Arggghhh.......too many things to do. Especially with my three new staff. Trainning, job function, product knowledge hahhhhh the usuals.

Miss out on so many things to write. Wonder if I can still recall those interesting things i wanted to write about.

I wrote something on 'Employees market' because i was so frustated at those interviewees now I have to swallow it up. Erghhh i guess not...........that is the reality nowadays so i'll stick to that. Just that, now i finally found the right people.

What a relief, the office is back to its usual function. My only headache is i do not have enough sittings for the new load of people.

Haha.....thats the result of bad planning? I leave it to you guys to ponder. Just that over the candidates that came in for the interviews. I found the people i wanted to work with. You just feel it "yup this is the guy i want" sort of feeling. So i just took them in and now not enough table and chairs.

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