Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Blogging is HOT!!!!!!!in Malaysia and around the world

Blogging is really turning into a trend now. You can see from the newspapers more and more webhosting companies are advertising their hosting plan with promos now. From blogging i can see the new internet era is coming back.

I'll be thinking of upgrading my business website to a more dynamic one. Now i am using a static website hosted by YEAHHOST. Check out its not really complete yet, but u guys will know what my other businesses are.

I will most likely switch my hosting to EXABYTES soon.

If blogging can really churn in a second income i foresee more and more SOHO will pop up.
I intend to promote more SOHO products in my blog soon.

Look out for more SOHO promos coming soon from HP, CANON, BROTHERS, OKI, SAMSUNG...etc


Anonymous said...

YEAHHOST is my choice too. They rock!!!

Anonymous said...

I always host my websites with yeahhost, the are the best in Malaysia.

Yeap said...

Although Felix said he is going to transfer his hosting to Exabytes, but from the whois record it is still with yeahhost, I believe yeahhost is one of the best hosting providers in Malaysia, because after I transfer my website to them, I never receive any spam.

Jimmy said...

For web sites hosting, I never trust anything else except Yeahhost.

桂綸鎂May said...